What is IVR

IVR is the abbreviation used for “Interactive Voice Response”. The most simple explanation of an IVR system is that it automates telephone communication with callers. This interaction takes place with a company’s host system. No only can it give instructions to the caller it can take them as well. In the past IRV systems have been based on per-recorded messages but now technology has progressed far beyond this with voice recognition.

Users are able to retrieve information like bank statements, flight information, the status of an order they have placed, even make an appointment, to things like local movie listings and show times. In reality the possibilities are endless, so long as the system is programed to the specific needs of the business.

More and more businesses are turning to IRV systems as there call volume increases. This is due to an IVR systems ability to handle very large call volumes. As the technology progresses so does the terminology but IRV is still the blanket term used to quickly describe any system that utilizes Interactive Voice Response technologies.

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